Night Sky Photography
Notes from presentation by Daniel Wong to Nelson Camera Club, 9 June 2014
Overall tips

Do your homework

Very technical and fiddly

Equipment sensitive

Knowledge of the night sky

Significant post-processing

Challenging, frustrating (think Murphy’s law) but rewarding
“Static” shots (y
our classic Milky Way shot

All about collecting the maximum starlight on the sensor in a short amount of time before trailing occurs

Most often is about having the heart of the Milky Way in the photo

Equipment matters

Camera sensor

Camera modes – manual mode

Manual focus on lens

Wide angle (usually)

Large aperture (and a note on primes)


Remote release (optional)
Where and when

Dark sites and position relative to city


Composition – foreground interest (mountains, water, people)


Milky Way position – Scorpio (or Sagittarius),, many apps

Moon timing


Clear skies (or some cloud)