1 day

our adventure start from Imlil village near of High Atlas Mountain of morocco  after One a nice night with our company hassan Id Boussalem in her home  we started to preparing our equipment to start our walk to refuge CAF

2 day

next day we start early day to walk to refuge . after  3 hours walk we got to refuge when all climbers meets and prepar for her adventures in atlas mountain we have one break time with friends in the refuge and all talk about tomorrow what we doing ?

3 day

after  a fast breakfast we prepare with our company our equipment and we started climbing

before sun rise   with a headlamp

by Nabil Myi

and just 30min to go the stange wind start and somtimes we move out our way wecontitnious  our climb to TIZI N OUAGANE when a storm start

Storm in the mountain

With the slope of the mountain It was getting harder

We continued to climb despite the increasing wind and low temperature and after 4 hours we come in the summit of Ouanoukrim mountain


second highest peak from Morocco atlas mountains 4089M


Ouanoukrim Trailer 2017